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15 Movies Recommended for the First Half of 2019.

Movies for 2019 you might need to strap your belt up for.

  1. Glass : January 8th.

You do not want to miss out on this one. We might be coming to an end of the Avengers Era, but we are definitely stepping into an Era of new super heroes, and these ones are not afraid to tell you who they are or what they can do.

2         The Upside:  January 11th, 2019.

Kevin Hart stars in this true life story, and contrary to what you might think, this isn’t a comedy movie, it’s an extraordinary movie that slightly deals with the have, the have not and everything we need to learn in between. You should still keep a glass of water around you though, for moments where you’ll almost choke out of laughter, this is Kevin Hart people, and we really shouldn’t expect anything less. Did I forget to mention that it’s out already? Well, it is.

3        Little:

While this movie’s trailer looks interesting and funny, it might spark up questions about its morality. An annoying woman magically finds herself in the body of a little girl who falls in love with her high school teacher, summarizes the movie. Although the movie progresses to teach about respect for people no matter ones status or position. People have looked beyond that to still liken it to R-Kelly’s allegations, and have further stated that the entertainment industry helps in promoting both paedophilic acts and child marriage. Let us know what you think when you do see the movie.

4 What Men Want: February 8th

What will you do if you could hear the thoughts of men? I know what I’ll do. In this movie, Taraji (One of my favorite Actress) can practically hear what men think and she’s going to tell us what she thinks men wants. Ladies, you do not want to miss this, and for the male folk, you have to see this, so we’ll know if she gets what you all want.      

5   Alita: February 14

This movie is going to rock the Cinema. What a wonderful choice of release date, everybody is going to be trooping in, everybody. I saw the trailer for this movie in the year 2017, and I’ve longed for it ever since, thankfully, I do not have to be in need anymore. Another thing striking about this movie is the mixture of fantasy and real, you just have to love it. The fighting, is maddening and the romance isn’t exactly bad too, it’s just an excellent blend of all you’d want in a movie, well, almost an excellent blend of all you’d want.

6         Captain Marvel: March 8

It’s almost common news that Captain America would be leaving the Avengers Franchise after Avengers 4, and even though we do not know how that will pan out, It seems we are either looking at a replacement or a partner, however they choose to have that, we are yet to see. I’m especially trilled to inform that our Captain Avenger is a woman, a strong woman. Another movie to salivate over.

7       Hellboy: April 12

Truth be told, I was never a fan of this movie. Why? Because I didn’t like super heroes that aren’t handsome or pretty; pardon me, I think that’s changed though. From the trailer, he still isn’t handsome, but he’s funny and really strong, above all, he has a sense humor, and I’m so down for that, totally. So, yes, I can’t wait enough.

8          Mortal Kombat 11: Apr 23

I remember asking myself when I saw Mortal Kombat 11’s goriest but beguiling trailer, “when did it get to the 11th episode. What happened to episodes 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9, and 10, where have I been?” then I remembered; I only watched it as a kid and played the game with my brother, I remember I always liked to pick Sub- Zero as my fighting mate. So, I’m going to watch this, I cannot wait to see the amazingness it has to offer.

9          Avengers 4: April 26

Well, call it the big man. I do not have to remind you how awesome this movie was in the just concluded year (2018), and how it numbed the cinema, everybody was talking about Avengers last year, and everybody will talk about the Avengers this year. The movie date was moved from May to April (thank God, people wouldn’t have to die of wait anymore). My advise though, the title of this year’s Avenger or the theme is ‘End Game’, meaning, if you cannot take a bit of disappointment, or if you’re the type that wouldn’t like a movie anymore because they killed your favorite actor, then do not rush to the Cinema for this, you might get disappointed. Know why? Because Thanos did what Thanos said he will do.

10 Break Through: Easter

This is a movie of hope, I like to call it a Christian Movie, and I implore that you all see this movie. Ofcourse it had to come out during the Easter Celebration. It’s a call to strengthen our belief in a Creator.

11   MIB International: June

Starring Chris Hemsworth, this movie promises to be interesting, Action Packed, Captivating, Exhilarating, and Funny. Seeing it’s from the Men in Black Production, I had initially thought it to be a continuation of the Kingsman series, I was wrong.

12 John Wick 3 : May 17

Before you see this movie, I’d advise you go back through time to see the first and second series of this movie, trust me, you would not regret it. It’s not just about the movie alone for me, it’s also about the main cast (not Halle berry being a new cast, which I think is wonderful), but because of Keanu Reeves, I did a man crush Monday post on him, just check it out. He’s really good at what he does.

13 Spiderman – Far From Home: July 5th

Another mind blowing and action packed blockbuster from the Spiderman collection that I cannot wait to see. Does this mean that Spiderman isn’t going to be part of Thanos’s death-survival experiment? Can’t wait to find out.

14 Velvet Buzzsaw : February 1st

Jack Gyllenhaal? I’m not missing this one, don’t know about you.

15 The Prodigy: February 8th

Last but not
least of our first half of 2019 movies to watch is Prodigy. Don’t miss this movie
guys, infact, do not miss any of the movie this list.

Happy Watching Movie Freaks.  

N:B: There are other movies not captured in this posts, not for their lack of interest but just for the purpose of choice, and did I forget to add Pokeman? Well, I’ll keep doing updates for you all. Also note that these movies cover just movies coming out from January- July, 2019, definitely not all the movies coming out though.

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