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Mile 22 movie Review

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So, I got this movie from a friend who’d in turn gotten it from a friend of his, and had given his summary of the movie to be “the bomb”, I asked him how many times this friend of his watched the movie, and he said once. Just once, really?  ehm, well, I’m always pretty skeptical about a movie that is dexterously summarized as the bomb on a first watch, another reason for my skepticism had been that I hadn’t been the one to recommend the movie, call it my retarded relationship with trust or whatever you need to, I just wasn’t interested in buying his perfunctory at face value, so yeah, reluctantly I I’d allow him Xender the movie to me.

By reason of my disinterest which was spurred by reasons stated above, I shelved watching the movie unintendedly for weeks, until I was driven by boredom and the need to unwind one faithful night. I got my earpiece out, settled into my duvet comfortably, opened up all my senses, checked through all of them for any unsettled function, seeing there was none, I relaxed my emotions in preparation, I still had my “shut down and don’t feel bad” emotion up though should in case I actually needed to literally shut down my phone from whatever disappointment the movie would effect.

Getting straight into the movie with my judgmental nerves I checked and noticed the sound was really good, but I accusingly attributed that effect  to my perfect earpiece, another action noteworthy for me was that the movie was in bluray (now that was a great sign), forgoing just a little bit of my tenseness, I allowed the movie continue without any issue, not because I had suddenly developed interest but also because there really was no cause to hate, it hadn’t given me any, why crucify it then right? I continued with its introductory schematics, weirdly patient through it all but still not past my earlier disinterest.

The first scene started as any casual movie would, and I couldn’t help but notice that the first scene was a complete opposite of the movie title (in my own description though). Two couple driving down a road in their car trying to locate a place or obviously looking for someone, I thought that was a bit weird because they’d parked right outside a building but still had doubts if it was the right building; why park in front of someone’s building then or even go up to the person’s doorway for confirmation of address when you could have just easily rechecked the address sent or make a call? Another reason why I got curious and slightly interested was the faceless viewing coming from inside the house signifying the inhabitant(s) knew someone had stepped on their doorpost, they seemed confused but they didn’t bother to come check who they were, that to me was suspicious, and even after they got to answering the ring on the door, they had seemed so conscious and unnecessarily interested in safeguarding whatever it was they had inside the house, now if that hadn’t spiked my already growing interest then definitely seeing “Mark Wahlberg” did, I mean how did he(my friend) forget to mention to me that the movie starred “Mark, the ted guy, the transformer guy, hell the action comedy movie guy”, who forgets a thing like that, my friend obviously does, what a whack ass. And just like that, without further ado, I said a non personal, non-committed, lack of awareness goodbye to both my restrictions and my disinterest. Mark Wahlberg did that.

The movie centered on the affairs of three countries: America, Russia and Indonesia, add China and Britain to this and you’d have me sucking my dinner from the floor with my face still glued to the movie all in a bid to catch or not miss, not just any scene but any action. Since America definitely had to always show itself as the world power, it had its operatives from a team known as “Over watch” infiltrating a Russian safe house which was in the United States, under the Leadership of James Silver and the supervision of James Bishop (they just had to use the same surname huh). The team were supposed to locate and destroy shipments of Caesium from the Russians before it is let out to cause massive destruction in the world (I know what you’rethinking, there’s always an attack on the world, well yeah, there always has to be since it’s the only one we have, but don’t be put off, the aim of destroying and saving the world is the same, but the means definitely isn’t and this movie brings a whole means of different and intense to your eyes, body and mind).

The on-ground team of 5 with 2 ladies and 3 men successfully infiltrated the safe house, located the Caesium and killed almost everybody they met in the house, almost because one member made it outside the house even if he was in no better shape and though still alive, there he met James Silver who had stayed outside in wait while the other team went in, he was begged by the 18 year old Russian to spare his life but of course he didn’t (and he definitely shouldn’t have, otherwise we wouldn’t have the awesome movie titled mile 22), in other words, the entire movie wouldn’t have happened if the boy’s life had been spared, since it turned out the boy’s mother was a very influential person in Russian who had decided  to take revenge in the sickest most reticent and unexpected way ever on those who killed her son, Americans or not, she didn’t give a shit about WW3. You know what they say about a woman scorned, well this was way worse, that woman wasn’t just a woman, she was a mother, that had tripled the scorned part massively, making her seek revenge using a triple agent, who was an Indonesian police officer, seeking to help the Americans decode a self-destructive information in a disc, on a condition that they get him out of Indonesia, but he was instead working for the Russians, his name, Li Noor. Can you beat that? No.

I’m not going to get into the rigors of the movie, but just so you know, all of the team dies, those geeks working behind the computer, coding and decoding street light signs as they see fit, the whole team without the gun, and those with the gun, except for James Silver of course (while growing up, I was able to derive a slang from almost all the movies I watched as a kid, Actor no dey die for film, they didn’t disappoint me here), the Supervisor James Bishop was shot but escaped, and Alice one of the female from the gun team was taken hostage in the plane that took Li: the rest died, funny enough a good movie of this sort always has a bit of tragedy dormant in it.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “How then did the movie get its name?” Well basically, amongst other things, the American Embassy where Li Noor was kept after he submitted himself is exactly 22 Miles away from the position of the Airstrip where the plane they got around for him was. 22 Miles, and just like that, we’ve got our movie title.

Trust me, this doesn’t do justice to actually watching the movie, and I ensure you, you wouldn’t regret it, I didn’t get to tell you about James Silver’s mental issue, not exactly mental but maybe it bordered on psychotic, neither did I get to telling you about man Axel, who was sent by the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency to retrieve Li against his will and by any means(that dude was a pain, and I truly didn’t like the death he got met with, it didn’t seem deserving, he should have gotten the opportunity of fisting It out with James Silver), well, you’ll let me know what you think when you do watch it. Did I tell you I think Alice and James have a sadistic sort of love connection that is unexplored and untapped, did I also tell you that I think the movie isn’t over, because I feel James Silver isn’t satisfied with the result he got and maybe 2019/2020 will hit us with another Mile22.

You really need to see this movie.

Just go to or or

Tell me what you think when you do, and if you already have, how was the movie for you?

Thank you for your time.

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