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I always tell my friends and everyone close to me who love movies as much as I do, that the Korean movie industry is absolutely underrated, people give them too much less credit than they actually deserve and in the most unfair way they keep comparing them to ZEE World shows like Gangaa, Love eternal, Married Again, Mehek and a lot of others; while movies have their various uniqueness and differences, some are of-course higher in ratings and views than others, so it is absolutely wrong to compare them both, just as it is wrong to compare Nollywood to Hollywood.

The Korean Drama has moved on from the movies we know, like Boys Before Flower, Playful Kiss, City Hunter, Oh! My Lady, Iris and a whole others that dominated the Korean World one time, and have transgressed into Dramas like the ones we will be listing below in no particular order or date.

So join me as we pay a short visit to the Korean Drama World.

  1. GOBLIN.

I’m an absolute softy at heart, and I do not hesitate to open my tear gland when necessary or even when not, so trust me when I say this, softy or not, you will not be able to restrain shedding more than a few tear for this movie. This is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen, the story line is absolutely beautiful and catching, the love and romance, is deabak. You do not want to miss this. Who wants to miss a story about undying love? A love that transcends generation? This is what you’ll find in Goblin. I fell in love with Gong Yoo, and I bet you will too.


Aigoo, I feel my words wouldn’t do enough justice in explaining this movie, but if you are looking for a movie about an Officer who fell in love with a supposed enemy, then you should absolutely see this. This beautiful movie enables you understand the difference yet uniqueness in both the North and South Korea, and with this I truly hope a unification of the both countries would happen soon. This is my first meeting with Hyun Bin and I jeongmal (really) fell in love with him.


Do not allow the name deceive you, this is one of the best Doctor cum Chef movies I have ever seen. I am a sucker for love that never dies, a love that always remembers, and I got that here. I had my reservations about the lead actor initially, now I feel like giving myself a hard knock anytime I remember that, because I was absolutely wrong in my judgement. A story about the bond of brothers and a rightness and simplicity of the heart. It also depicts the beauty in humanity. There would of-course be more than a few tears to shed, that is how you know a movie is worth it. You do not want to miss this.


One of the most Important lesson among others which I got from this movie is ‘True Love Finds You’. In any shape, or size, or stature, your love will find you and it will not let you go. Another lesson here is ‘Do Not Be Afraid To Be Yourself’, the lead actress played an excellent role in communicating this lesson to the viewers. There are more than the listed lessons to learn from this movie. It is a must watch.


After seeing this movie, I understood why we all need one angel in our lives. Last but definitely not least, Angel’s Last Mission is a story about learning life, about living, about choosing love and of course about sacrifices. If you ever feel alone, you should see this movie and understand that there are angels watching over you, and a potential lover in waiting.

These movies all have their lessons to teach. Many of them talk about the beauty in humanity, about love in its purest form, about friendship and bonds with people. This is a must see movie list that you should not miss out of.

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