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5 Things Beginning Writers Should Know.

5 Things Beginning Writer Should Know is what I’ll like to call “The Beginner’s Drill”.

Here I get to alert you on some of the misconceptions you might have had
prior to your desire of becoming a writer, some of these were misconceptions of
mine, which I decided to share, so join me, let’s get you where you’ll need to
be as a writer, the joy about this is, we’ll be going there together.

Writing comes easy, so you’ve heard, and on several occasions, you’ve
actually felt that way. At unexpected moments, you’ve had a near divine encounter
and you’ve been able to get out thousand of words from your system, words large
enough to put out an entire article, so yes, it’s almost justified to believe
writing comes easy, but does it truly? While this might be true for writer’s at
their beginner’s stage, it isn’t exactly so for average writers, and here is

There are times an average writer finds himself writing for hours with
the inclination that he must have exhausted all the ideas he has about the
topic at hand, only to find out he’s barely written 28 words (this has happened
to me on several occasions), they get so frustrated, that most times they just
shut down their system or whatever gadgetry they use in writing.

There are times even the best writer would feel like giving up, and some
actually do give up, because in the course of your journey you’d realize that while
it’s important to have passion and talent, the both of them are meaningless
without determination and actual work. Many writers during their writing course
got to understand that the work intensity for a writer is beyond the normal, I’m
not saying this to discourage you, no, I’m only saying this to brace you up, I
want you to understand the immense servitude involve in the path you’re about
to take, so the moment you encounter a little difficulty you would not pull out
for the wrong reasons.

Truth be told, though writing is highly demanding, it’s also fulfilling, fulfilling not because you get to make money out of it, but because it allows you be yourself, it frees something in you, there’s a satisfying feeling you get when you finish writing on a topic, it also has an aura of incredulity attached to it, it is just simply satisfying. So get ready for the ride, I’m not writing this because I have everything figured out when it comes to writing or being a writer, far from it, but I wasn’t given this orientation, and along the line, I almost told myself this life wasn’t for me, but here I am, so hang on, we’ll figure this out, together.

Things Every Beginning Writer Should Know.

  1. Writing isn’t

Far from what you’ve heard, or what you’ve read prior to this moment, I want you to understand that writing is not easy, any thought contrary to this, isn’t correct, no offence meant. There is hard work in the writing lifestyle, it can be tiring and demanding like I said in the introductory part of this post, but there definitely is a bright side if you persist enough. If you’ve decided that the writing conduct is for you, then you also have to decide to tackle every hurdle it throws at you, and mind you, the writing world is an entirely different world on its own, if we have earth as our world, writer’s have their own world, which I choose to call “The Writer’s Orb”. So redirect your mindset before you get into this Orb, else you’ll fall off along the way or get lost and we wouldn’t want that to happen.

2. Passion:

Seeing as we’ve been able to come to terms with the fact that writing isn’t easy, another necessity for a beginner is “The Passion to write”. Passion for every writer is as important as what to write about. It is what starts the journey and what sets every writer off on their path, without it, there is no best writer, and frankly, there is no way around it, because you either have it or you don’t. So before you begin this journey, ask yourself these questions; why am I doing this, why am I choosing to become a writer, is it because I have nothing else to do, or because I’ve heard the writing business pays a great deal, or is it because you just cannot help it, because you feel there is this dam in you waiting to explode, why, what is your reason for choosing this world? I had read these words somewhere, It says “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self”.

3. How staunch is your ability to tell stories?

This might seem like some kind of joke: telling stories, but its fundamentality cannot be over emphasized, this is as important as writing itself, because this is what makes you readable. It is why people want to read you; it could be because you have a way of making things look real, the way you tell your tale, creating and formulating stories. This is another basis you need to cover, your story telling aptitude.

4)    Being the Perfectionist:

So, when I started writing, I believed as a writer, there shouldn’t be any room for mistakes or failures, and boy was I wrong? You bet I was. Even though I still find it irresolute calling myself a writer, I know now that as a writer, you’re bound to have one or two or even multiple failed books or attempts, and this doesn’t make you any less a writer, so even if you’re finding it difficult accepting this {you will, with time}, just know, you do not have to be a perfectionist. As C.J Cherryh had put it “It is perfectly okay to write garbage, as long as you edit brilliantly”, or even as harshly as Salvador Dali had put it “Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it” as guttural as this may sound, it is absolutely true.

5. It is okay to be Afraid:

As a beginner, I tell myself this all the time “Jennifer, it is fine to
be afraid, but it is highly unacceptable to quit writing because of your
fears”. You are only human, and regardless of how good you think you are,
putting words on paper constructively for not only your consumption, but for
the pleasure of others is a bit daunting, so yes, I get it, that jittery
feeling you get when you want to start penning thoughts down, the one that
tells you you’re not enough, the one that questions you, asking how long you
think this foolery will last on, even that feeling that forces you to shut down
your system or note pad; yes, it’s alright to have them, I still do, but know
this, the joy comes in pushing pass these doubts and just writing anyways.

Writing isn’t as glamorous as many think it is, you do not begin to make
money immediately you publish your first book, or your second book for that
matter (this is an utmost truth),it needs as much consistency and desire to
succeed as the path to heaven requires (apart from the spirituality, if you
choose). With one step at a time, we’ll get where we need to be, se next time
you see a published and successful author, or the next time you read a book you
so thoroughly enjoy, say a silent prayer for the author and wish for such
goodness. We’ll talk about the things we need to know as writers in our next
post, you do not want to miss out on that.

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