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I want to tell you a story. Of the darkness that exist within. I always want to tell this story. Maybe today is the day I get to. Are you sure you want to tell this one. Don’t you feel they will see you differently. How about you tell them …

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You Can be More, Poetry@thatgirlwriter.com

  I can love you the way you are, but i can’t take my eyes off the way you can become. Someone once lied to me, She’d said the was I was, was the best there was, but I had realized, that the best of our today is never the …

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The Painted Picture Poetry@thatgirlwriter.com

                  The painted picture on my canvas, is ladened with faults. The curve in the skilled frame is without blemish. But the painted picture is ladened with faults.   Is it in the perfect silk of the painted hair, that glares and …

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