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Short Stories: Telling stories written by me and some featured. Read, Comment, Share. Most importantly, Enjoy. These are allegories of events and happenings around the world. It has always been the prerogative of a writer to tell the story of the world humanity from an objective eye and view. If they refuse to do this, then no one else will.


Write your own story. My take on the Regina Daniel’s story that had rocked the internet. I just had to give my own take on the issue. I know the story would seem as stale as sour wine now, but it’s aftermath still exist in many people’s life. See guys, …

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IS MARRIAGE THE RESULT FOR BEING A GOOD GIRL? Frankly, I find it uncomfortable having to discuss or talk about this, but the depth of its truth and importance has made it crucial that it be discussed, it is important that many who find themselves in the grasp of this …

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I woke up this morning to the news that the 2019 presidential election had been cancelled and further postponed to the 23rd of February, 2019; my sister had barged into the room to break the news to me. My first thought was, that is not possible, that sort of joke …

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Do Men Cry?

The rate at which people commit suicide has skyrocketed so much that the issue of men and their crying ability or necessity is being looked into. Although, the act of crying has been looked down upon and conclusively categorized as a female inclination, but recent happenings and developments has brought about the question of if men cry? If they don't, should they?.

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The Girl Without Breasts.

Stories are not formed in one day. It takes a thousand and one multiple journey of days and weeks and months to form the success stories, and this is only possible when through it all you keep pushing.

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Nigeria and her way forward @thatgirlwriter.com

It is past the time to change our political mindset. It is past time to change the way our Government see us and tell them instead how we want to be viewed and seen. It is past time to get back what is rightfully ours, they have taken more than enough from us already. The time is now.

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Kevin Hart Steps down from hosting the Oscars

Days after announcing his thrill at hosting the 91st Annual Oscars. Kevin has announced that he’ll be stepping down from hosting 2019 Oscars award, he stated in a tweet he made that his reason was because he wouldn’t want to be a distraction on a night that should be celebrated …

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Hello World. Its Our First MCM.

I hadn’t been an ardent supporter of the MCM (Man Crush Monday) trend when it had began,i had considered it another avenue for people to display their trivial tendencies, but as time passed, even i have begun to understand the importance of the persistent inclination and i think i probably …

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