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The Writer’s Life

The Writer’s Life – Writing isn’t easy, far from what people think, putting words to pen or pad constructively is not easy. The need to quit is always hovering around. The desire to give up is forever in the air. Lets talk about the struggle we go through and help other’s pull through.


He smells more than a little different today. Too sweet for even my mouth to taste. It was unlike his sweaty essence would convey. With a bit of its winter’s feel now displaced. He’s smelled different for a while, Now he’s starting to look different. A part of him feels …

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To the Women I know, especially to all my igbo ladies; see, it’s totally fine if you do not know how to pound yam, if you do not like to pound yam, or make fufu, if you just do not have the strength for it, it is absolutely fine, there …

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A Star is Born; Review @thatgirlwriter.com

A Star is born is a captivating movie re-scripted from the 1937 movie still titled "A Star is Born", about the life of a young talented struggling artist, who had given up on her dream and was working as a waitress when she caught the eyes of another musician who helped her get her dreams back on track; read my thoughts about the movie and my journey through it.

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