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I want to tell you a story.

Of the darkness that exist within.

I always want to tell this story.

Maybe today is the day I get to.

Are you sure you want to tell this one.

Don’t you feel they will see you differently.

How about you tell them of euphoria.

How fun it was being there,

and how you can’t stop smiling.

But I’ve never been to euphoria.

All I have ever done is stopped smiling.

I am now even tired of pretending.

I should just tell them about when I wanted to end it.

How then will they see you afterwards.

They think the world of you already.

If you tell them about that time.

Then they will think you are weak and helpless.

And the cage of depression wins again. When are we ever going to win.

I guess you’re right.

Today is not the day I talk about my plans to die.

Seeing she’s against it.

So let’s talk instead about my figmental trip to euphoria.


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