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So many unbridled thoughts persist.
Yet with the universe our soul continuously aligns.
The shackles of the past couldn’t hold is down anymore,
Because it is our energy that gives life to time and air,
And our presence dictates earth’s move.

In oblivion, we’ve carried on for so long.
Dragged by our bones.
And held down by mediocrity.

But now, we embrace illumination.
Now, we understand and accept
Our kinship with the sun
Right down to our lineage with the moon.
And with an unwavering finality, we note.
That we represent the fullness of the Universe.

This is our gravity.
It is the weight we pull
It is our very essence.
An essence that the universe recognizes.

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I'm just an average girl that loves writing and who believes we can all help set humanity back on its feet. Let us feed humanity together.

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