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Keanu Reeves. thatgirlwriter's MCM.

Hello World. Its Our First MCM.

Keanu Reeves. thatgirlwriter’s MCM.

I hadn’t been an ardent supporter of the MCM (Man Crush Monday) trend when it had began,i had considered it another avenue for people to display their trivial tendencies, but as time passed, even i have begun to understand the importance of the persistent inclination and i think i probably might get more than a little obsessed with it. Seeing as I’m a humanist and i have this infallible belief that humanity is swiftly rolling into extinction and that it is left for the few remaining humans alive to fight to keep the world at peace, and even if Christians believe the inhuman happenings are evidence to the end of the world, we all still have to be alive for the world to end (a semblance of us at least) whenever that finally happens.

So, our Man Crush Mondays and Woman Crush Wednesdays will be focused on the exceptional yet underrated people in our society, both far and wide and today we pick the interesting and undaunting Keanu Reeves. Now, don’t get frightened or feel confused, i’m sure you must have either seen him, that is one of his movies or even heard about him in relation to one of his movies, other than that, i think you should know, he’s also a musician, though on the minimum.

The first time i theoretically met Keanu Reeves was in one of his movies titled “The Matrix”, before then, i haven’t heard a thing about the man, not a thing: no movie, no publicity, nothing, and you know how crazy the press is about entertainers: raving crazy, but this dude to me seemed to have appeared from under a rock and my rock theory only got solidified because i didn’t understand whatever it was they acted in “The Matrix” movie, both the movie and it’s entire drama had seemed otherworldly and confusing to my tender eyes at that moment,

P.S: I still don’t understand the movie now, meaning i’ll just have to go read up on it (If you did, drop a summary in the comment section please).

Apart from the movie’s sophistication and proficiency in its fashion awareness (mind you the actors looked bad-ass, with their tiny dark shades, that to me was an action movie delight)  and combat proficiency, i was able to surmise that Keanu was trying to save the world. I met him again in John Wick, and as usual he was also trying to save only this saving was a tad bit twisted.

Another quick P.S: If you haven’t seen that movie, then just do, i wouldn’t want to get dramatic with words even if i feel that way, but please go see John Wick 1&2 and we might have to prepare for its 3 by 2019, Lolx, so excited.

Well, Keanu is featured as our Man Crush Monday Personality, not just because he’s always almost been a world saver in all his movies but because he’s scarified a lot of himself to give out to the world around him and beyond.

Now Ten Things You Need to Learn From Keanu Reeves.

  1. He suffered from dyslexia while growing up and even though this affected his educational development, he focused on what worked well, and became a successful Ice Hockey Goal Keeper: Focus on the good, don’t let the bad pull you down.
  2. .His father was imprisoned for selling heroine and he was raised by his mother who eventually got married to several other men, but that didn’t stop Keanue: Your background is only a story, its in your hands to change and re-write its plot.
  3. After his father left their family while Keanu was 3, he moved from series of stepfathers as his mother remarried, but remained on a cordial note with all of them which helped his career as an actor: Life would hit you with what you consider bad, but your reaction to every hit determines a lot about what your future would hold.
  4. After his breakout role in the movie “Parenthood” and ‘Speed”, he still continued to collect supportive roles: Do not be greedy, follow your pace and enjoy the ride.
  5. He forgo his regular comedic roles and starred in his first action movie ‘Point break’ which unexpectedly became successful: Do not be afraid to think outside the box while still holding on to who you are.
  6. Even with the breakout and success of ‘Speed 1’ and the fact that he was offered $11 million, which till date happens to be his highest bid, he refused to take part in the production of ‘Speed 2’ in favour of playing with his band: Know what is important to you, and do not let anything cage you, not even money.
  7. He quit his band, citing his lack of interest in a music career: Know which horse to pull and which one to let go.
  8. He believes his spiritual belief(s) are something personal to him: What are your spiritual beliefs.
  9. He set up a cancer charity but chose not to attach his name to it: Touch Lives no matter how little.
  10. “Money is the last thing i think about, i could live on what I’ve already made for the next few centuries”, he had once said: Know when it’s enough for you.

Tell us who you want us to feature next and if you’ve learnt a thing or two from Keanu Reeves. On that note, thank you for reading, do watch the both movies highlighted above, and most importantly share your thoughts with us.

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