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The International Women’s Day for 2020 has come, and like every year, the day in itself will go, and we’ll all go back to our different struggles, fights, and pursuits, but amongst all, we will all go back to our individual purposes or a lack of it; which is part of the essence for this post.

It will be absolutely true to say, the struggle for the woman’s voice to be heard is almost won, we are almost there, in the sense that, SHE is beginning to speak and SHE is beginning to be heard, SHE has stopped trying to convince people to believe her, SHE has learned to live by her standard and not that which that is trying to or has tried for ages past to shovel her into, at least the average woman has attained this level of breakthrough. Still, there is so much yet to be achieved, so many doors yet to be unlocked, so many bridges to be built, so many walls waiting to be surmounted and these walls and obstacles will meet its end someday, maybe not today or not with our generation, but the generation of women to come will not meet this fight or they will meet its end instead.

This post is dedicated first to all the International struggling women out there, to those who have already succeeded and those who are yet to, especially to those who are not submitting to the narrative of women the society has already. To all the hard-working women, pushing each day to earn their bits and their respect regardless of the pressure and walls surrounding or closing in, this is also dedicated to the woman who can hold her own, who knows she has her weaknesses, accepts it and works towards being better each day, and most especially, this is for the woman (feminist or not) who knows and understands that we are not in any war with the male gender. This is for women to get better for themselves. If you find yourself in this category, then know you are celebrated today, this day is for you, and the story in your journey needs to be heard, your voice counts, and your struggles matter.




Life works and yields results (good or bad) when change occurs, without change there is only stagnation, this is why women who still find it difficult to boldly declare themselves intentional women can also learn to try and change. These are some of the tips for becoming an intentional woman and taking hold of your life.

1) Strengthen Your Relationship With God

This has nothing to do with the cliche surrounding women being prayer warriors of their houses, or women being better prayer partners or how important it is for women to know how to pray better than men; this is rather about finding your root and understanding your maker, establishing a relationship with He who created you, and coming to a nexus with Him.

This in itself, is an important tip to finding purpose and understanding existence. It is also created in our fulfillment and peace.

2) Be Unapologetically Industrious.

Woman!! Make Money.

This is one of my most important sayings. I am not of the school of thought that a woman shouldn’t make money because it will intimidate a man, a man who wants to be intimidated by a woman’s success or financial capacity has a serious emotional and mental deformity that should be checked on immediately.

So Woman, get into that business that you’ve longed for, establish it, if you long for multiple branches, then get on to it.

Get that master or the doctor degree you’ve wanted. The world’s economy is counting on you.

3) READ.

Buy books. Download them. Open your minds with them. Develop your imagination. Grow your vocabulary.

The amount of information present in books will shape your perspective and injects in you, a wisdom that defies age and background.

As I’d always tell the members of my Book Club, Readers are liable World Changers. So get reading today.

4) This is what you’re worth.

Do not allow anybody tell you anything else. You are worth everything, or nothing.

5) Dance. Sing. Find Your Happiness.

6) Work Out.

I would leave us with this.

Make sure you’re chasing happiness, because of your Happiness Matters.


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