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Lessons for the Christmas as

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Hear the call of Christmas
All you lost and left behind
The lowly and those longing
With an emptiness inside
The forgotten and forsaken
I bring you good news
Hear the call of Christmas
The Savior waits for you
Oh, hear the call of Christmas
The Savior waits for you

Zach Williams:

The call for Christmas has begun, and Zack Williams couldn’t have sang it better. The peal and ding dong is being sounded at top hills and church’s roofs, even the nostrils can attest to its coming with the chalky smell prevalent in the air, the relentless dehydration of the skin, and the transient carriage of the Hen and Billy, let’s not forget the emerging compulsion to attain physical perfection with material gains for some people by any means, and it is in that vein I’ll say this “Many might not meet another Christmas or even the new year”

The above quoted statement to some might seem farfetched and insensitive, but being insensitive has on several occasions saved more life than trying to sugarcoat the truth.

The whirlwind of Christmas is here again, and like every season of celebration, this particular one must be celebrated even more than the usual, because for Christians it represent the most important moment of their faith and that is why a cautious and sensitivity damned warning should be given because a time for celebration is likely a potential avenue for pain and sorrow to rear its head in, which ofcourse comes after excessive gratification. As much as Christmas was made to connote a spiritual implication for everybody, we should also bear in mind that man’s insatiable nature has made sure that it instead delineates all form of evils and negativities.

This article is largely for the continual preservation of humanity and also to exclusively ensure we are all aware of the currently predominant threat that comes with Christmas, not forgetting the unnecessary mental, emotional, financial, and otherwise exertion people put themselves through, but are comfortable allowing the blame go to the season we find ourselves. I’m going to divide this article into two segments for the purpose of particularly elucidating the points as it’ll fit each gender category. These segments are:Christmas warning for the Ladies and Christmas warning Men.

Christmas Warning for Men:

Dear Young Men, I will not kid myself by telling you this message is for every one of you, and since its already dawned on us that the aim of this article is to be as truthful as possible even though insensitive, I’ll categorically state it then, “this message is not for every young man out there” but is instead for the few who are somewhere considering how to avert shame and disappointment when their friends return with their exquisite cars and expensive wears only to see them struggling to barely feed themselves. Now if the thought to work or earn a responsible living has never crossed your mind but the thought of being ashamed of your friends with cars and nice clothes is crossing your mind, then know you’re on the verge of being drawn into a life against humanity, the verge of directly or indirectly taking your first life, that is killing somebody, and my warning for you is to retract your thought from the world of shame and virtual regret it is drawing you into and that it will inescapably put you in, it is not too late to do menial jobs that’d atleast get you a substantial amount to cloth yourself well for the celebration: jobs like bricklaying, selling of pure water or soft drinks, washing of cars, and many other jobs that can help you not immediately drive a car, but thwart the consequence of what dabbling into the otherwise would bring. (If you need help with this, leave a comment below).

Those of you fortunate enough to bask in the reward of your hard work, no matter how infinitesimal you think it is, should do well to continue striving towards the person of dignity you are, do not let the greed of being like another take away the gold you have at hand in place of the shiny stone you see from afar. There will be temptations ofcourse, you’ll meet those willing to “introduce you to the happening game” all at no cost, but it automatically rests in your hands to decide if you prefer being “the living dead or just the living”. We’ve heard stories and cases of men who had sacrificed their family and dabbled into every form of atrocity all in a bid to be a part of the happening team, but as we all know, the destiny of a man rests in the hands of the man. Read Up: writer couldn’t have said it better “You are the only one who can guide the path your journey takes you on”

Shakespeare putting it simpler had said “Destiny is the one who deals the deck, but we are the ones who play the cards”.


Christmas Warning for Women.

Our case shall be different.”

Whenever I’m beside a lady and the news of a lady running mad from her contact with a “Yahoo guy” as they call them, or news of a lady used for rituals with parts of her body taken from her, the first thing I hear from most ladies beside me is the 2017 prophetic mantra of the Winner’s Chapel International “My case is different”, and my next words will be “Honey, I’m sure the lady in question’s case was also different and the result will definitely be same if you do not change”.

Telling you to be extra careful with your illicit dealings at this point in time wouldn’t seat well with the truthful tone of this article, so instead of warning against being careful, I’m instead going to say this: Desist from anything that’d place your life in the wrong hands. These days the control switch of our lives can easily be taken away without so much as a second thought, we could go out and be met by a gunman making demands we cannot meet or do not want to meet, those are things beyond our control, now in the midst of all these uncontrollable events, we should be able to rely on our survival instinct, build it up and help save our own life in a world that is on a mission to kill us (not only the ladies now, but everybody), a world that has pit humanity against itself.

Even if feminists choose to agree with me on this or not, I’m still going to say it because it is the truth: “In a percentage of 100, 99% of females are likely prone and open to kidnap, harm, and violence”. I think ladies ought to understand that most guys aren’t afraid of using their parents or siblings for money rituals, why then do you think they’ll feel a thing when it comes to having your own head on the plate.

Recently, news of the Delsu student whose parts were collected after being set up by a security personnel and kidnapped circulated the media space, and also within the year 2018, numerous stories of ladies running mad after alighting vehicles, both in Imo State, Lagos State and other places became eerily rampant, so telling you to just be careful isn’t going to do us any good.The methods used has changed over the years and they are currently getting gruesome than previous years, and its past time to just be careful, it’s time for everyone to bring out their protective instinct and get serious with the business of personal survival.

It’s a known fact that the season bring people back home from several parts of the world, Malaysia, Ghana, Dubai, South Africa and other parts, and in our bid to attain material gains we fall prey to whatever agenda these people come back with, but I hope reading this will help you understand that you’re better alive and struggling than dead and just dead, and even after reading this, if you still believe “Your case is different” then I’ll let you be in your deception, just know that your life and future is more precious and brighter than a few months in a hedonistic conclave that’d lead to death or regret.

Merry Christmas

Christmas is a time for spiritual recollection and appreciation of the coming of the son of man, for Christians. The season is followed immediately by the New Year Celebration, which gives us the opportunity to reflect on the previous year and make better plans for ourselves. The times are evil and everybody is a suspect, yes I said it “everybody”, nobody is a safe harbor anymore, save for Christ and yourself, so protect yourself judiciously. Let’s not forget the spiritual implications of the season being Christ, take this time to reconnect with Him, and I pray I get to see us when 2019 comes.


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