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Teach Me.

All the things I have refused to learn.

Tell me everything I should know,

But have refused to know.

Remind me each day,

Of the squint in my eyes which you think is absolutely adorable,

But I find revolting.

Remind me again how the world doesn’t care,

Because she too has got worries of her own.

Teach me to take away the multiple eyes I put on myself,

Which makes me think everyone is staring at me.

But it’s just me, looking at myself with the eyes of different opinions.

Remind me, of how I have not truly loved, if I have not loved myself.

Teach me, all the things I have forgotten.

Whisper to me every word of love I have failed to use on myself.

Remind me.

Teach me.

To remember to always love myself.

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I'm just an average girl that loves writing and who believes we can all help set humanity back on its feet. Let us feed humanity together.

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