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My take on the Regina Daniel’s story that had rocked the internet. I just had to give my own take on the issue. I know the story would seem as stale as sour wine now, but it’s aftermath still exist in many people’s life.

See guys, we tend to concentrate so much on the lives of other people that we sometimes forget to live our own lives. We put so much interest into these people’s life, forming opinions concerning their lives and before you know it we indirectly start to make judgments not just for them but for ourselves. We start to make comparisons and capitalizations, forgetting that everybody’s path is not the same.

I do not have anything positive or negative or any advice to give to Regina Daniels because she has made her decision and we should note that she hasn’t come out to say she’s married, we are the ones making summations for ourselves. That notwithstanding, I am going to say this though, LIVE YOUR LIFE!!! I am saying this because we’ve had many people coming out to tell us what they think and also to give us advice using Regina Daniel’s issue as reference, all over social media people are either glorifying her actions or criticizing them and while this is not in our place to do, let us make sure we do not indirectly start to live our lives based on what people are saying.

Concentrate on your Hustle, pursue your goals, make your own choices and defend them knowing well that those choices are based on your needs and wants or desires. Never should you make your choice based on what social media is deciding about a particular case. Please ladies, think upon whom you are, what you represent. What future you want for yourself and plan towards getting to that future, but most importantly, consider your Creator. It is very important that you put to mind the intentions of your Creator before choosing a path to your future.

Few days ago a video of the actor Francis odega surfaced, where in we gathered or were made to understand that he is a wife beater. I decided to go through the comment section and not just one but numerous comments made references to Regina Daniels. One particular comment stuck with me and in that comment the commenter had said “is it not better to marry a Rich Man no matter how old he is, who will not think of beating you because he has not finished thinking of making money, than to marry a pauper who has exhausted every avenue of making money and is at his final point of frustration already” she went on to advise ladies to better make Regina Daniel’s choice.

Also, another prayer has suddenly surfaced on the internet and the prayer is “May the god of Regina Daniels visit me in Jesus name”. I want you to understand that many of these comments are misleading. What works for one person would not work for another, the fate of one man is different from the fate of another man so we cannot afford to wish that we be dealt with the fate of another person.

Remember the Bible had said “In all your getting, get wisdom”, so please, ladies especially, do not fall for the theatrics of social media. Endeavor to not get misled, stick to your lane, do not jump out from a moving train because that is what you are, you are a moving train and you should get to your desired destination. Wish every other lady well, do not get into competition with them because you are just as beautiful, intelligent, lovely and smart as they are. You do not need to get a sugar daddy or not to prove anything to anybody, you only have to prove things to yourself.

And to the guys, I’m speaking to those of you who represent or find themselves in the position Regina Daniels’ ex boyfriend finds himself. This is not the end of the world; the choice of one man does not alter your destiny except you allow it to. It is you that gives people the opportunity or the chance to change your path, if you do not give them that allowance they will not have it and I’m sure we all know this. Anybody who takes themselves out from your live in a bid to elevate themselves does that as a choice, this does not make you less in any situation or condition. Life is governed by the choices we make and not the choices others make for us and as I’ve told the ladies, I’m telling you too, if ever you find yourself in this kind of situation do not allow anybody make any choice for you. Get out of that situation by your own doing, by yourself and by no means should you succumb to the clamor of social media especially the negative one, it isn’t bad to take advise but it is bad if you do not learn to filter advise.

Lastly I am going to say this. Life is a journey we have never been on. For every person, as far as we all know, this is the first time we are here on Earth. We are all to believe that this is our first time on Earth. What I’m trying to say is nobody has the map, nobody has it all figured out, it is ok to make decisions that are going to turn to mistakes, but when you make such decision it is only fair to yourself that you look for solutions and not kill yourself or fall into depression. Everything that happens, our experiences and all, are stories to tell, they are things that will make our history. Don’t be too hard on yourself, or in a hurry to get these things all of which are Vanities just because another person is getting it. That in itself is greed; just do your best, remember your creator and everything will fall in place.

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