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Moments after the Vice – Presidential aspirants debate sometime last week, several thoughts of positivity and hope crossed my mind regarding the way forward for our country Nigeria and the reason why we have to take back our country before it crumbles in the hands of unprepared and lopsided individuals.  It is true that a plan remains a paperwork until the complete actualization of the building or bridge or project is realized; and it is not just about coming to a television talk show or a political debate in this case to communicate such plans to the masses, but more about building a framework to deliver the proposed plan and achieving positive and already set out results for not just the country’s progress but also for the millions of passionate Nigerians who crave it.

The current government made thousand and one promises prior its ascension to power in 2015, sadly, those promises as we have seen today were only made to win election and clench power at all cost. It is further laughable that they are still playing the blame game as was witnessed at the debate held on Friday the 14th December, 2018; and with barely two months to the expiration of their tenure, they concluded the debate still playing the blame game with their usual target being the past government. It will therefore be widely accepted if one were to say, that they mounted skyscrapers with their mouth in a bid to not only acquire power but to placate the teaming citizens who had believe they didn’t fairly win the 2015 elections, they projected different propagandas and hate speeches without an honest plan to achieving results, and they failed to note; that a day of accounting and auditing will come.

I asked and answered myself thus “what if all Nigerian Leaders since inception of democracy kept on pushing the blame of the country’s sorry state on their predecessor’s administration (the Military), would that not be insane or would that not prove how incapable to govern our leaders are?”

However, in as much as I’m not a fan of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), they showed promise considering how they came back stronger in the face of crisis. It is not enough reason to vote them in, because they’ve had enough opportunity in the past and had also proven incapable. The perfect idea would instead be to give the opportunity of leading this great nation to a young promising candidate. Only, the bottleneck is the mind of an average Nigerian, who believes an aspirant not running from the ‘top platform’ cannot win a seat because they lack capacity and structure to deliver, but we forget to realize that the much needed capacity and structure to deliver any candidate lie with the electorates at the polls.

We must throw the finishing punch to revive and salvage our nation, and not fold our hands and just watch them battle over our rights and needs, sending their children to foreign schools while at the same time eating up budgets structured out to enhance our country’s schools. We must set a hydrogen bomb by giving chance to another candidate come 2019, one that is ideal and due, opening the exit door for the Government of the day who had come unprepared, power thirsty but clueless when finally handed the mantle of power. It is time to take our power back and with this strategy, I doubt any government coming in next year (2019) will fail because they have between 2019- 2023 (4years) to convince us, the masses, else the hydrogen bomb will be detonated again and the exit door opened once more. If a process like this is adopted and sustained, every individual and party vying for any position of Commander in Chief, will be fast tracked to achieving results with the 4 year tenure given to him/ her or would risk facing the hydrogen bomb: being stopped at the polls from continuing the next 4 years.

This approach should be adopted for Nigeria to work again, and will serve as a great expedient to awaken our leaders. No harm in trying, because we’ve got everything to lose than we have to gain; just take Imo State as a case study and the sort of suffering we’re in because we reelected a candidate we should have ousted after his first tenure.


Collins Chinemerem: A Concerned Nigerian.


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    Thanks for the opportunity of sharing my sincere thoughts on your blog.God bless you real good.

  2. Wonderful piece, how I wish every eye in Nigeria would read this. Great work.

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