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People say a problem shared is a problem solved, and some say a problem shared is a problem half solved; while that might be true for problems, it’s not the same for pain.

You cannot tell a man who is facing amputation after having been involved in a ghastly accident that a problem shared is a problem half solved, nothing is being solved for him, the pain is his, and his alone to bear, sadly.

For the past 3 days, I’ve had to deal with the pain of having a boil in my ear, as simple as it sounds, the pain attached to it is borderline excruciating. Some nights I just keep tossing and turning on the bed, and can only find rest when I slap in painkillers into my system. Everything I do with my body reminds me of the pain and discomfort present in my ear. Sometimes I cry so hard, and at nights, I whimper deeply and silently.

While in church yesterday, the pain was so intense that I just bowed my head and cried in silence. Some of my friends noticed and came over to console me, but that was just it, it ended with the consoling, I was grateful for their care but the pain continued regardless.

Pain and hurt are very personal matters, I want you to understand that, and it’s no fault of others that you’re in pain, so their happiness in your time of pain shouldn’t make you feel like they are insensitive to your plight. You might be in pain, and you might have shared this pain with them, but they are not in pain, and life goes on for them, there is nothing holding them back from enjoying a moment of happiness that they find themselves in, because the truth is, just like you, they are also running from something.

So even if we cannot find comfort in their consolation, let’s try to not make them feel guilty for our sorrows, especially when they have nothing to do with the pain’s emergence.

I pray time heals everyone of us in pain, because in truth, that’s the only thing that helps: time.

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