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Top 10 books recommendation for 2018 @thatgirlwriter.com

Photo Credit: tashen.com/books, had a wonderful collections to select from.
Photo Credit: tashen.com/books, had a wonderful collections to select from.

Reading has always been my safe zone, my strong forte: movies and music too, but I’ve actually had several thoughts about doing nothing in life but reading, no job, no other engagements, just reading, that thought would have definitely sprang from my lazy twin.

I doubt I can put to words exactly what books have done for me, but I could try telling a little about it. I grew up in a very violent area, and contrary to popular beliefs, that hadn’t made me strong, it did after many years, and after I had left my birthplace, but during my formative years as a woman, lets say between the age 9- 18, I’d developed an immense level of fear, and a particular psycho level of self consciousness and awareness that always had me taking sneak pics behind my back, checking for threat even I do not know of. Most of the times, I expected violence, I expected it to hit at any time like it had been programmed to do in my society, then I had met books, and I had fallen so deep and hard, first for the words, which had seemed so bigger than me, bigger than anything i was experiencing at that moment, they made me understand I had always been in search of something, and with them I was gradually finding what was missing. Secondly I fell for the diverse worlds I get to meet in books, a world larger than mine, one that gave me hope, it told me I could be a poor girl who’d change the world only if I believe and work towards it, and it backed it up with stories, some of which were actual tales. I remember reading about Oprah,and feeling a bit of my fears ebb away into tiny bits, this though, is a story for another day.  Now going straight into the books I have for you:

  1. Are You Afraid of the Dark by Sidney Seldon

I got the recommendation of this book from a friend,  skeptical at first, but totally worth the read. This isn’t a book review post, so I wouldn’t go deep into plot of the book, just know, you’d never see the next action coming, its just like a movie without pictures and sounds, but I bet you’d be making all the sounds yourself. Lolx.

2. Crazy Rich Asian by Kevin Kwan

The movie of this book had rocked the cinema, it’d hit the theaters on the 15th of August, 21018 and it was said that even critics had only good things to say about it, now take a minute to digest what the books would do for you and every emotions it has open for grabs that the movie had failed to anatomize. I had read this immediately I heard it was going to hit the cinema and that it already had a book, even Usain bolt couldn’t have been faster than I.

3. The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas

I remember seeing the trailer for the movie on Instagram and the myriad of violent emotions that had gripped me upon hearing the casts explain the fate of a black man and woman when faced with cops in America. My need to read the book elevated when I found out the movie or book was more than just a movie or a book and events that had occurred in the book were actually real life events told using another story. I had cried so hard reading Starr’s words during the protest against Khalil’s murder, and when I eventually watched the movie, I felt grateful to have read the book first.

4. Ten Smart Money Moves for Women by Dr. Judith Briles

This is my current read, and the only reason I’ll give to ensure you read this is,  it got me to start my blog. I’ve had the impulse to start up a blog from the time i finished serving, but had somehow convinced myself to put it off till now. If this book can get the queen of procrastination to start up what she’s procrastinated about for so long, then you should make it a must read.

5. Everything Everything by Nichola Yoon.

I’m a crazy romantic, but add the spice of “a Knight in shiny amour” then you have me spluttering my heart and balling my eyes out. This was the sensation I got reading this book and here I learnt one of the most important quotes ever, it says “Everything is a risk, not doing anything is a risk too”, you get to choose your favorite risk.

6. Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day.

If you ever loved reading or watching “Fifty Shades of Grey”, then this is a must read for you. Unlike Fifty Shades, this book has no movie, but there is never a dull moment here people. I’ve wrestled so hard with my weird tastes in romance, I’ve hidden this taste of mine, for fear of what people might say or how they might see me, but i stopped caring about that and this is one of those books that fit my taste. This is not romance, this is bigger than romance. It is a 4 in 1 series book,that heightened my interest the more I read it making me wish the book was infinite, of course it wasn’t but that is why I’m making plans to read it again, it has to be infinite for me at least.

7. DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger

Okay guys, i have to admit i watched the movie first before reading the book, and in my defense i didn’t know it had a book, I only did when my thoughts pushed me to check, or because I hadn’t start the movie from its inception and it had ended on a very interesting note. The movie was portrayed slightly as a comedy  but the book had been so much more that what the movie reproduced.

8. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

I had been shocked to hear this book and its other series had been published in 2001- 2012. I only heard of it when news of it becoming a movie come 2019 had hit, although for most people it was a childhood novel, and since I’ve never been one to turn down a good book i decided to read it. This is a book that draws you into a world of impossibilities becoming possibilities, hinged around the life of a 12 year old intelligent Artemis. Please read this, you’ll be enthralled like i was.

9. The Pelican Brief by John Grisham

I had this friend obsessed with everything Grisham, and he somehow tried to drag me into his obsession, he succeeded only with Pelican Brief: even though he tried making me read other Grisham’ works like “The Client” among others. My little brother who was also part of the Grisham family tried getting me to read ‘The Confession, and A Time to Kill”, but he failed, at least he got around ensuring i downloaded the books, that somehow gives him hope that someday i’ll read it, and i sure will even though it’s not my genre specialty. Reading Pelican Brief was a positive disaster though.

10. The Misleading Mind by Karuna Cayton

Buddhism has always been a fascinating Religion to me, truth be told , I absolutely admire that religion and if i wasn’t a Christian I’d have been a Buddhist. My love for the Religion got me interested in this book, a Buddhist psychological perception about the mind, i couldn’t possibly turn that down, and it has consistently helped develop my mind both spiritually, psychologically and as humanly possible as it can. I realized this isn’t a book to rush into, its instead one to read, dissect and implement. You wouldn’t regret it.

Reading for some is a very tedious act, for others, its a source of escape, a place for freedom and a means to explore and be something better. We’d like to help if you need help with your reading life, just leave a comment in the comment section of your interest, and we’ll contact you.

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